Legal English Courses

For most students looking to become involved in the field of law, our online courses are the perfect learning program to gain the English language credentials necessary for careers as:

• Legal Secretaries

• Lawyers

• Courtroom Interpreters

• Legal Document Translators

• Paralegals

Perfect for those who are looking to branch out into international fields and work in English speaking environments and countries.

Online courses are beneficial for a number of reasons. For one, it is one of the easiest ways to begin studying, and offers learning from your location, at your own speed. It is understandable that many students will have other responsibilities, and possibly employment, at the same time so this course allows students to work around their own schedule. With nothing more than a PC camera, a headset, and a Skype account, students are able to access podcasts, text, and other online material in which to learn English and successfully complete their course. It is simple for even the most computer illiterate to operate and our courses offer tailored solutions to fit what they would like to learn, and what they don’t require. Students can simply enter the information required before selecting courses, and they will be available for perusal.

English is one of the most spoken languages around the world, so learning it is the first step to becoming successful in today’s world. It is more than just an advantage; it opens up a lot of doors to marketing initiatives and makes communicating across countries much easier.

Students who opt to enrol in our courses will be granted an excellent grasp of the English language, improving their understanding of many legal terms. This will ensure their success in the field and decrease situations where mistakes are made due to simple translation or grammatical errors. Native English speakers still find legal terminology hard to understand, so when students enrol, their confidence booms.

Legal English- What Is It?

Legal English can be described as the lagnuage used by courts and lawyers in any country that share common legalities. The difference between systems of justice and civil law is grandiose, but both have their existence based on Justinian 1’s Roman Law (from 482AD – 565AD) and are used in many countries across Europe and the globe. While there are many countries that speak English, some may not adhere to the same laws and rules, as different areas of jurisdiction control different places, as seen in Louisiana, Scotland, South Africa, and Quebec.

Why Learn Legal English?

Due to the fact that English is currently one of the most prevalent world languages, Legal English is a neccesity for all lawyers (or related careers) as international work will most likely all be in English. As common law was mentioned above, Legal English follows this terminology and allows students to work on a number of legal documents (international OR civil) and tends to favour common law notions. If anyone in the field of law has English speaking clients or is ever involved in English documents, then our online course is the way to go.

Why study one of our courses?

If a lawyer or any other legal employee has amazing potential, advancement will never occur and work in the international field will dry up if they have not learned the legal terms and English law required. For many clients, a weak grasp of English will undoubtedly set their work back (if it is acquired at all). It makes sense however, as most people will not feel comfortable allowing others to handle their legal matters in English if they are not fluent in the language.
Studying online enables the course to come directly to the student, regardless of where they are in the world. All the knowledge neded for Legal English is at students’ fingertips, allowing them to progress as fast or slow as they need, and from a comfortable, chosen area. This allows students to focus on all of life’s responsibilities, instead of just their learning.