Law of Tort

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This course will deliver detailed knowledge and skills to give you a goodunderstanding of the Law of Tort and its application.

Who is the course for?

Members of the public who would like to have a better understanding of the law relating to personal injury, how liability is established and what damages are available.

Unqualified members of staff or paralegals working in claims handling in a law firm or a claims organisation.

Law students studying in Commonwealth countries who would like to study an introductory course in English tort law for their interests or to broaden their horizons.

Course Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

Demonstrate awareness of the place of tort law within law generally, and in a broader context;

Navigate and apply the various sources of tort law within the common law and statute;

Apply knowledge and understanding of the principles of tort law to hypothetical scenarios;

Engage in critical analysis of tort law;


1 Negligence : Duty of care, remoteness of damage, breach of duty, causation.
2. Occupier’s Liability : Trespass, Occupiers’ Liabilty under the Occupiers’ Liabilty Act 1957.
3. Employers’ Liabilty : Breach of statutory duty, Vicarious liability, Liability for independent contractors.
4. Breach of Statutory Duty : Principles, remedies, elements of the tort, defences.
5. Trespass to the person.
6. Trespass to land.
7. Defamation: libel and slander, defences, fast track procedure.
8. General Defences : Contributory negligence, consent/volenti non fit injuria, mistake.
9. Remedies : Aims of compensation, single action and lump sum, types of damage.
A basic text in pdf format is provided to each student. This is meant to be an introduction to the law of tort and students are free to do research at a library or online. The course consists of lectures delivered online via Skype.