English Pronunciation Courses

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Want to Improve Your Pronunciation in English?

Then apply for our English Pronunciation Course!

Choosing between a 5 session or a 10 session, focused course, you can learn from a variety of educators specifically trained to offer you the best skills in English pronunciation. How to pronounce vowels properly and how to vocalize certain consonants is detailed within and, together with your instructor, you will:

Observe the comparison between specific sounds.

Read English sentences out loud to your teacher.

Speak about a certain topic, using the words previously practised.

The point of the English Pronunciation Course is to help educate students who have medium to advanced levels of British English speaking skills.

These classes offer:

5 or 10 live sessions at 45 minutes each.

Self-assessment to determine skill level.

Tailored classes to your individual needs.

Final assessment to determine improvement.


Courses are $105.99 US for 5 classes, and $199.99 US for the 10 session option, both at introductory rates.

If you would like to enrol in a course, please enter your details into the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible to organize a schedule.

Skype English Pronunciation Lessons

Not only are classes available in our base at London, but the same CELTA/IPA certified, GB English accent teachers are available for international sessions using Skype. You will also have access to all the same information, resources, and materials that we use for our physical classrooms!

There are a number of great benefits to studying English through Skype, depending on the speed of your internet. Skype has employed a high speed video and audio connection between users so English lessons can be carried out seamlessly.

In our Skype sessions, all of your weak points will be pinpointed, opting to start with those first to increase your confidence. Once you begin to improve, further resources and materials will be added to drastically increase your English fluency, grammar, and pronunciation.

Every student who makes a booking receives the Pronunciation Studio’s ‘The Sound of English’ pack, including the audio and you will learn from these books throughout sessions with your instructor.

Many students have already succeeded with this course, just read their reviews here!

Our working times are 9.00 to 21.00 United Kingdom time, from Monday to Saturday. The flexibility offered here is great for learning at your own pace and at your own time. You choose to study or take lessons as often as possible and there are a number of packages available for more determined students.

Start with a introductory package, where you can view for yourself how the Skype training actually works and then decide if you would like to continue. Take this time to discuss any potential problems or what you would like to get out of the course. These sessions usually last for around 45 minutes, just like the others. If you are interested, click here to book a session!