Contract Law English

In this course I will begin by examining contract basics and explain what a contract is and the various contract types. The key elements to most contracts will be covered, along with an explanation of how English law governs contractual activities. I’ll discuss enforcement and dispute resolution options, and the three critical requirements of a contract – offer, acceptance and consideration.
This invaluable online course reviews the elements which make up a contract and reviews the scenario where a contract can be breached if one or more of the parties involved does not fulfil their part of the agreement. Resolving broken contracts in the form of damages will also be discussed.

Who is it for?
• Unqualified members of staff or paralegals working in debt collection in law firms or debt collection agencies.
• All managers and anyone involved in buying or selling goods and services or negotiating contracts.
• Members of the public who would like to have a better understanding of how the law of contract affects everyday occurrences such as retail purchases, unwritten agreements made between friends, buying a second-hand car, etc.

The course seeks to assist students:
– to develop a clear and coherent view of a branch of law which is widely misunderstood despite its’ immense practical importance;
– to appreciate the dimensions of many practical and evidentiary problems which arise in disputes about contractual interpretation in the English legal system; and
– to gain extensive practice in legal analysis of contractual disputes.

Learning Outcomes for the course
On completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:

i) Demonstrate a sound understanding of fundamental contract law principles and sources and their development in England.
ii) Develop an understanding of precedent and competence in the application of contract law to particular problems.
iii) Demonstrate an understanding of the applicability of contract law principles in other legal subject areas.

1. Agreement
2. Intention
3. Mistake
4. Consideration
5. Contents
6. Capacity
7. Misrepresentation
8. Discharge
9. Remedies

A basic text in pdf format is provided to each student. This is meant to be an introduction to the law of contract students are free to do research at a library or online. The course consists of lectures delivered online via Skype.