Commercial Law English

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Whether we realise it or not, the law impacts on virtually all business activity. Business or Commercial Law as it is called, regulates all business activities.

Technological developments have resulted in a large increase in international trade in goods and services as well as international investment. Flowing from this, the world of international commerce has also witnessed greater regulation of commercial activity at both national and international levels.
Our course in Commercial Law offers detailed study of the legal regulations faced by trade and corporations at a national and international level. This course will equip participants with advanced legal skills and know-how needed to negotiate the rapidly changing field of international commercial law.

We will be looking in detail at the Sale of Goods Act, Law of Agency, Carriage of Goods by Sea, International Sales and other fundamental legal and business principles.

This course will be of interest to businessmen and students of law who would like to gain a greater understanding of the laws relating to business and commerce in England and Wales.

List of topics covered in the course:

1. Sale of Goods

2. Law of Agency

3. Carriage of Goods by Sea

4. International Sales

5. Consumer Credit


Participants engaging in the commercial law course will gain knowledge of basic legal principles in regards to the commercial field.

They’ll be able to

Demonstrate a clear understanding of the global business environment

• identify the sources of commercial law in England and Wales
Apply legal knowledge to commercial transactions
explain the legal rights, duties and responsibilities of parties in a business transaction