The rise in online law tuition

As e-learning continues to rise globally, we have been consistently seeking ways to ensure more people across the globe get access to our online law tuition program. London & Partners, a UK based consulting agency after intensive research discovered that as at 2015, the digital education industry was well worth over $165 billion, and has been predicted to rise to $243.8 billion in some three-year time. What we can accurately say from this figure is that the online education industry which has benefited dozens of millions of students will continue to grow in demand.


How we deliver our lessons via Skype

Over 300 million users actively make use of Skype every month, making it a very efficient and dynamic platform for delivering tuition to international students outside the United Kingdom. The good thing about Skype is that it is pretty easy to set up and can be conveniently used right from anywhere. Most providers of online education deliver their lessons via Skype due to its ease of use.
All that we will need from you as a client once you enroll for our law tuition is just the date and time that will fit you best. Since all our tutors have a Skype account, you can easily connect with them once you enroll.


Which countries do most of clients come from?

Our clients are drawn from different continents of the world. So many students across the world have acquired degrees through our long distance learning program. Also, we provide our students who physically come to our study centers with continuous training even while on holiday in their home countries. Our international students are drawn from a wide cross-section of countries including India, Italy, France, and Russia.

In these few past years, we have seen more and more students from different universities enroll for our law training program. While these students have the option of taking their lessons at our training center right in the heart of London, most prefer our online learning program as it is not only convenient but cost-effective as well.

To make learning fun and engaging, we try as much as we can to make every class interactive. By allowing our student engage in discussion bothering on several law related issues, we believe we are giving them the opportunity to become critical thinkers. To enable them excel academically, we constantly furnish our students with coursework and assignments. What sets us apart from other law tutors is our ability to simplify otherwise difficult to understand law concepts. We encourage our students to outsmart themselves and think outside the box at all times. By the time we are done training our students, they would have known the difference between valid and invalid, legal and illegal. By doing this, they would have learned to sift chaff from the real substance when it comes to law. By encouraging our students to think outside the box, we believe we are enabling them to act in confidence when they get into the examination hall.

We are poised to push our students, both law and non-law to set and achieve grand goals which to the ordinary eyes looks impossible. Our strength comes from our ability to deliver legal education to motivated students using a unique approach. At the request of our students, we can arrange face to face tuition which will be delivered at our state of the art training center in London. For international students who can’t just afford to come into London, our tuition is delivered to them via Skype, telephone and a host of online chat application. Our students love us because our tutors are composed of individuals with vast years of experience, and are experts who have earned their certification from several prestigious institutions and law schools around the globe. Our goal has always been to consistently provide our clients with educational services that supersedes their expectation.

Our vision – to make ourselves the center of excellence when it comes to law education. We combine our expertise with the knowledge and experience of our dedicated staff in nurturing future professional lawyers who will make lasting impact globally.

At Law Professor Online, we offer training to students of all levels – undergraduate, post graduate and even working class lawyers. We make effective use of Skype, using the chat app to reach out to dozens of thousands of students all around the world. Our educational services are so flexible that just about anyone can conveniently fit in. So, if your job only gives you time to learn during the evenings, you have nothing to be worried about because we will work something out for you. Our tutors have nothing less than 15 years of law and teaching experience, and are all qualified to teach English to adults. These are individuals who are either one time district judges or solicitors. Aside educational services, we also help our clients with essay critique, evaluation and revision of law technique as well as dissertations and answers to law problem.

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